Startup Consulting

Addressing Startup challenges with innovation, accelerating business growth and scalability with holistic solutions.

The Indian startup ecosystem story is about four decades old. In fact, the three companies which started this story are TCS, Infosys and Wipro. These companies hired the best talent and invested in technology to scale and become mammoths of today.

Over the last 10 years, India has become one of the top five startup ecosystems in the world, alongside the US, China, UK, and Israel.

With a young population and technology at their hands, the millennials would be the next Billionaires. We at IGC believe in the coming years, Indian startups would solve major problems of the world.  To help them with this journey and achieve their true potential, our experts will mentor the startups and help them grow at every stage.

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We help you with a bouquet of financial services

  • Virtual CFO
  • Assessing Financial Viability (Entry Level Financial Strategy)
  • Identification of Optimum Finance Model
  • Incorporating business structure
  • Facilitating raising capital
  • Interpret Financial Results
  • Insights on Financial Goals
  • Annual Financial Budgeting and Development of Financial Strategy
  • Cash Management & Planning

In-depth assessment of your investor readiness metrics and addressing your gaps to strengthen your investment case with IGC`s IR Framework focused on the problem you are solving, competitive edge , people, business process , financial model, growth model , marketing etc.
Enable you in big thinking, creative ideation and revamp your existing brand identity or conduct a comprehensive strategic brand exercise which will help you propel in your startup journey.
We help you review and refine your core business functions , TAT and realign resources to your core business. We will help you identify any hidden pilferage of resources by standardizing your processes and setting up efficient modus operandi with required KPIs.
We help you build out a sales funnel that works and accelerate your business growth.
We have a uniquely placed advisory service to offer consultancy on the creation of new products and services that aims to leverage artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics, data transformations & visualisations and other emerging technologies powering innovation.
We help you design a high valued and higher impact strategy to target your market entry . Our “Insights360” framework GTM strategy focuses on different contours of your organization involving customer behavioral analysis, pricing strategy, competitor analysis.

Small Business Consulting

We fill a void in your business

We at IGC believe that if we want to realise the full potential of “ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT”, then we should help our small scale businesses to scale up with a clear vision to inspire innovation across the small business ecosystem.


We help small business grow strategically and sustainably with our focused approach which will help them find that secret ingredient for their business, to propel forward. Our Design thinking approach allows the small business owners to accelerate as well clearly visualise the future roadmap of their business.

Our Technology Cohort

We also have our own startup cohort which comprises of varied and enriching creators of innovation which we showcase to the investor ecosystem.


A Goa based start-up is enabling India’s hi-tech vertical hydroponics indoor farming ecosystem.


Realising Farming as a service (FaaS) for shrimp farmers using sensing, IoT and Deep learning driven imaging technologies. A Hyderabad based start-up has built an aquaculture system with zero water exchange under high stocking density, strong aeration and biota formed by BioFloc.

Green Tech

A Pune based green technology lab is creating sustainable solutions for a greener future by curbing air pollution.

Logistics Tech

A Bangalore based start-up has built a collaborative Transportation Management System, which simplifies freight shipping and transforms the supply chain to a lean, customer centric & efficient organization.


A Mumbai based start-up is redefining cancer care with digital health in urban and rural landscape.


Enabling India’s one of the premium designer wear brand to set up a next generation e-commerce platform providing personalised apparels designed by world class designers.

EV Tech

An E2W manufacturing start-up delivering cleaner, affordable, and accessible electric mobility solutions.

Legal Tech

A Goa based start-up enabling Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform for companies to manage all their legal contracts seamlessly during the time of pandemic.