Technology Consulting

Optimizing costs with state-of-the-art technology to attain a market edge that drives profitability.

With today`s new normal, it has become highly prudent for any company to revolutionize, save costs and scale up their technological capabilities in order to succeed in the high-pressure growth market.


IGC`s strategic technology consulting team will help you drive this change by adopting a fresh and distinctive approach while enabling disruption as a crucial driver for attaining competitive market edge.

Our Technology consulting services will help you take informed decisions to choose, realize and implement the relevant technologies at a right time and pace. We will help you design the implementation strategy and roadmap, as well as help you deploy cutting edge technologies.
A. Data Strategy Development
Define your strategy and create opportunities

Assess the existing As-Is state of data alignment with business priorities and identify the data use cases on the basis of existing data utility and priority.


Prioritise the quick wins & long term goals on the basis of time and impact.


Define the data requirements to achieve your strategic goals on the basis of data structure, availability, accessibility and people capability.


Drive key considerations like data quality, data security, data privacy and data integrity.


Identify the hardware and software needs for data management, data processing and data visualisation.


Assist in end to end implementation and monitoring of the data strategy and change management.


B. Enterprise Architecture
Making you prepare for the Future

We help you make the transition from a legacy IT delivery systems and architectures to a cloud-based infrastructure that streamlines delivery and allows for implementation of technologies into your digital strategy.


Our team of enterprise architects help you visualise the intelligent architecture through varied lenses by leveraging business processes for your Enterprise Architecture initiative putting Business and IT together in focus.

C. Cloud Strategy Development
Plan your journey to cloud and beyond

Cloud Readiness Assessment Advisory


Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Migration Strategy Formulation

Security & Data Protection

Procurement Advisory

Data Estate Modernisation

D. Emerging Technology Advisory